Roundup Cancer Study

Roundup, the most widely used weed killer, has been found to cause cancer in humans. A large number of users, who earlier used the roundup, have been associated with conditions like Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Since IARC's research (2015) on Monsanto weed killer has proposed the chemical as 'probably carcinogenic', more and more users have become alert seeing the connection between roundup and cancer which is the reason Monsanto roundup lawsuits are on the rise.


Roundup- Toxic to Humans and Animals

Roundup's side effects was first studied and publicized by a Japanese physician who speculated the possibility of glyphosate causing several conditions in humans.

But the recent studies also found out the similar symptoms that included intestinal pain, excess fluids in the lungs, deteriorating red blood cells, lung dysfunctioning, damaged kidney, problems in eyes, itchy and tingling skin elevated blood pressure and many other complications.

Several other studies linked the connection of glyphosate with many fatal diseases such as NHL including Anaplastic Large cell lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, hairy cell leukemia, large B cell Lymphoma, Myeloma, Breast cancer, and other cancerous diseases.

Humans and Animals

How Relevant is IARC's Assessment of Roundup Causing Cancer?

A toxic chemical persists to be hazardous; however, the risk depends upon the exposure to the substance. IARC considered several epidemiological types of researches to evaluate the risk of actual exposure in the real-world conditions.

The research institution could not study or directly estimate the substance's hazardous nature and exposure.

A research conducted on a few farmers showed a connection between NHL (Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma) and Glyphosate. On the contradictory, another finding stated that Glyphosate leads to medical conditions like Myeloma and other immune system cancer but not NHL.

Who Are At Risk From Roundup (Glyphosate)?

Roundup has been so extensively used that it is regularly found in the eatables, water and air. The similar amount of Glyphosate has been traced from the urine of farmers and other people. The same has been found in the human blood.

As per the studies, these people have a high chance of developing a health condition in future if they continued getting exposed to the substance.


Why Monsanto Roundup Lawsuits?

Critics blame Monsanto for knowing the fact of its product being carcinogenic and purposefully announced it to be genuine for public use. Those who worked with roundup, believing it to be safe, developed health issues. Infuriated by the fact they have been cheated, people are filing lawsuits.

Monsanto tried clearing its name by getting the product tested from 2 laboratories, the results later found out to be rigged in favor of Monsanto. However, more than 1,100 pending lawsuits indicate the scale of fraudulent by the firm.

Roundup Usage- Global Stats

Previous data and studies show how roundup has been making people sick for decades. Even those who don't come in the direct contact with Glyphosate can get sick. But people such as farmers, gardeners, nursery workers and landscapers are more likely to develop the fatal conditions.

Even after so many researches declaring roundup as a harmful-to-health substance, the herbicide is still being extensively used and is steadily gaining popularity in terms global usage.


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