Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit Settlement

Roundup (Glyphosate), was once the most used weed killer by farmers, gardeners, landscapers and homeowners all across the globe. Monsanto, the chemical giant, producer of Roundup marketed its herbicide as non-toxic and safe to use.

However, the consistent use of this glyphosate has caused severe medical conditions in the users.

World Health Organization's intergovernmental agency, IARC, studied the chemical and it discovered a connection between Roundup and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, later declaring the Roundup to be 'probably carcinogenic'. Apart from NHL, roundup was also found to be associated with other cancers.

People, who used the chemical and were diagnosed with NHL and other cancer due to constant exposure to glyphosate, felt cheated by the Monsanto for hiding such crucial information. Infuriated by the fraudulence, they started filing Monsanto roundup lawsuits for settlements and claims.

Monsanto Roundup Lawsuit Settlement

The evidence in these lawsuits against Monsanto are concrete and the inflating number of lawsuits nationwide are only strengthening the cases.

Roundup Cancer Settlement - Under Trials

In 2016, over 300 Monsanto roundup lawsuits were consolidated under Multidistrict Litigation(MDL) and U.S. Judicial Panel On Multidistrict Litigation(JPML) went on pre-trials for all the roundup cancer lawsuits across the nation.

These proceedings were focused on finding a common ground in all the roundup lawsuit cases. The jury was also astonished as to why Monsanto didn't take necessary steps to bring the product down when its product was linked to cancer by IARC and other institution's research.

Although, people do claim the agrochemical firm knew all along about roundup being unsafe yet it marketed herbicide as a safe product to be used.

Under Trials

A Bellwether trial is likely to be held to record how the panel of jury will respond to the presented evidences and testimonials. The outcome will reflect helpful information about the trials and the same will be used for the roundup settlement claims for people diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Roundup Settlement Claims - Factors To Be Considered

The evaluation of the lawsuit to an individual will determine how one should negotiate with the roundup settlement. All the process will be carried out keeping the strength of the evidence in the account.

It could be based on the link between Roundup and the person diagnosed with cancer, followed by the effect the disease had on the person's life.

Plaintiffs Around the Country File Lawsuit Against Monsanto

Lawsuit Against Monsanto

The victims may be entitled to receive a certain amount for their roundup settlement lawsuit. There are a few key factors that the jury panel may review before announcing a verdict in your favor, which are:

  • The duration of the cancer or any other diseases due to Roundup.
  • Any prior expenditure on medical treatment in the past for a disease developed by the use of roundup.
  • Effect on the physical and mental health of a person diagnosed with cancer or any fatal medical condition caused by roundup.
  • Losses of wage or earnings or any other means of income due to roundup injury.
  • Any future expense on medical treatment that is likely to occur in future due to roundup cancer.

Do you Qualify for Roundup Lawsuits Settlement? Know Here:

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Monsanto Roundup Cancer Lawyers

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We strongly advise you to file a Roundup cancer lawsuit if you have been diagnosed with cancer or any other diseases lately due to Monsanto's Roundup Weedkiller. Contact us today to get more details.